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Today's Art May Be the Most Lasting Record of Contemporary History.

As amazing as our technology is today it seems our ability to keep and record things is being crippled by the speed of our own innovation. Already countless films that weren't preserved digitally are lost forever. Information on cassettes, video tape, CDs and other outdated formats that wasn't upgraded is all inaccessible. Art and literature may be some of the most enduring records of our present world. And, as artists, just what are we recording? George Bernard Shaw said we use works of art to see our soul. We are trying to capture our soul and present it to the rest of the world. The artist has to dare to explore those deepest feelings, thoughts and emotions and express them in a creative form. We are constantly fighting through deception to find something we believe is true. We're fighting our own self-deception, all the layers of our self protection and defenses. It's always a good idea to challenge accepted truths. The known is at best insufficient and at worst outright false. The challenge is to keep thinking, creating, questioning. Leonardo Da Vinci said, "The desire to know is natural to good men." His insatiable curiosity drove him to discover amazing things, create amazing art and inventions and question his deepest thoughts. I want to discover and create something worth preserving for future generations.

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