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Art: Finding An Interpretation Of The Madness

For the artist creating art is what keeps him/her sane when they see the world falling apart around them. On the canvas they can make sense out of it. This painting, "Origins I" puts things into perspective. Life is much bigger than the particular moment we are in. Our evolution has produced a world that is really quite beautiful when we stop a moment to appreciate it. However, this painting reminds us of the dark side that always lurks nearby. It requires effort to stay above the murky depths. How quickly our thoughts can slide and sink if we lose focus. The overall impact of the painting is to create something beautiful upon first glance but complex and intricate on deeper examination. It creates a sense of hope by transitioning from dark to light. Since ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny we see ourselves emerging from the sea-like saline solution and evolving to a complicated and colorful world that eventually evaporates into the atmosphere. It mimicks the cycle of our individual lives which emerge from the watery womb, go back to the earth and evaporate into the spiritual. are on the brink of destroying our planet but there is still time to turn things around. In the graffiti that makes up the background you will find many words of hope and inspiration imbedded in the evolving images.

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